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Your NDIS provider Wollert : supporting clients’ in-home care needs

Lotus Healthcare provides a range of local in-home care and disability care services for NDIS participants living in Wollert, Roxburgh Park, Donnybrook and surrounding suburbs. These include non-medical supports, such as personal care and companionship care, as well as palliative care, nursing services, and post hospital & transition care.

We also provide support and assistance when family members and other carers need respite, along with providing temporary accommodation options for participants when waiting for a more permanent solution.

In addition, we are also able to provide services for the delivery of Home Care Packages (HCP) and Targeted Care Packages (TCP).

NDIS support services and care in your home

As a registered NDIS provider Wollert participants can contact us regarding a wide range of in-home supports and disability care services, which are tailored so that they meet clients’ specific needs.

In-home supports include assistance from our support workers to undertake a variety of daily living activities, including household tasks like laundry, cleaning, shopping, meal preparation and personal care. We can also provide transport to assist participants to remain engaged with social events and the wider community, in order to help them live independently as far as possible. 

Our team at Lotus Healthcare also includes psychologists, registered mental health nurses and mental health allied support staff. This means we have the capacity to provide care covering all aspects of your wellbeing and mental health.

Support to manage your NDIS plan

Our experience in working with participants and service providers alike means that we can offer comprehensive support coordination and NDIS plan management services across Wollert, Roxburgh Park and Donnybrook.

For instance, we can advise and guide anyone who is about to, or has already begun to, make an application to become an NDIS participant, as well as helping applicants to get approval for a plan.

Following on from this, our advisers can then ensure that you have a full understanding of the scope of services that will be available to you under your plan, as well as help to connect you with appropriate local providers of those services. We also have connections with a large number of local organisations and medical professionals who can provide a range of support to help promote participants’ physical and mental health, as well as community participation.

Our expertise extends beyond the realms of the NDIS, so we can also assist with accessing other forms of funding. For instance, you may be eligible to receive assistance through the State Government and/or the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), or other sources of private funding may also be available.

Care respite, accommodation, and day care services

When family members who provide care for NDIS participants require some respite, we are able to step in and provide cover, whether that be for a few hours or for more extended periods of time.

We can also provide short term accommodation and medium term accommodation options for NDIS participants. These services are particularly valuable in order to prevent the need for an extended stay in hospital, for instance, or when a participant is waiting for an appropriate permanent accommodation solution to become available.

The Lotus Healthcare Day Centre at Yarrambat also provides NDIS participants with in-house disability care and other support services. Clients are supported to work towards their individual development goals, and can do so in a friendly, welcoming environment where there is also the opportunity to interact and engage with others, and take part in group activities.