Lotus HealthCare is an established service provider with a long history of providing specialised individual and flexible at home aged care and nursing services including TCP, HCP, post-operative and after hospital care, NDIS services and support, personal care, carer respite and companionship across Melbourne metropolitan areas and Tasmania. Our care team strive to meet the unique needs and expectations of children and adults by providing individualised quality support and care. Our primary focus is to assist people with the activities of daily living, helping to break down any feelings of isolation and foster inclusion and participation in all aspects of their lives. We keep your loved ones in their home by providing personal home care tailored to client needs, ensuring the continuity of normal routine. Lotus HealthCare create a service experience that treats each and every individual like they’re family, providing them with the highest level of care and giving them the best opportunity to thrive.  When required we also provide individual care in our short and medium term accommodation facilities.



The management team at Lotus HealthCare has combined experience of over 50 years in the disability industry with experience ranging from disability employment services to managerial operations and were instrumental in developing the newly established NDIS since it’s inception into an organised, pragmatic service that allows local NDIS participants to ensure they are getting the best care available here at Lotus HealthCare, whilst adhering to NDIS’ strict guidelines.

The team at Lotus HealthCare will organise your nursing and NDIS services into an easy to understand, practical service, ensuring you receive the best care and consistent results.

Lotus HealthCare takes a warm, friendly approach to delivering healthcare to the community as we know those in need require more than just a routine service, they need to feel safe and comfortable with their carers and in their home.

Delivery of quality care is underpinned by a team of professionals with unique experience and skills. In addition, when selecting our people, we look for one common quality: a commitment, passion and dedication to delivering the highest level of care. Our team come from nursing, carer or allied health backgrounds, which allows us to deliver exceptional service to all our clients and participants by developing an intimate but holistic understanding of individual needs.

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Our care teams are qualified and well-trained professionals who undergo a stringent selection process to ensure we recruit the right person. Our registered and endorsed nurses, qualified carers, med-endorsed carers, mental health specialists and disability support workers ensure that our participants get the best care with minimum disruption to their lifestyle. 



We provide flexibility for clients, patients and participants to choose their own support team, and connect them with specialists and other supports to ensure their independence. Consequently, we create more genuine connections and build more rewarding relationships in our communities. We provide participants with committed and compassionate staff and maintain open, honest and transparent communication with our participants and employees. We treat our participants and employees with the utmost respect incorporating cultural requirements and beliefs including accommodation arrangements, into our care and support solutions.